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Did You Say Yes?

Ok, so it’s been just over a week since the sweetest day of the year… Valentines day of course. Some people think valentines day is cringe and just for ‘high school sweethearts’ (Yes we said high school because valentines is very American) but we don’t think that is the case and is often so underrated.

For those of you who follow us on social media, you would have seen that we posted on Valentines day about how it is a day to share the love and to tell your loved ones how amazing they are.

Whether that be your bestie, your Nan, all of your family and friends, and that’s why to us it is so sweet - not to mention the copious amounts of chocolate and amazing food from the M&S Dine In for Two deals! (We’re not the posh valentines date night type).

Valentines day is often filled with romantic proposals. And proposals can be a funny thing, they can be so elaborate, so simple, so private, so public but most of all, so personalised.

- That’s why all of our wedding stationery is personalised too. We know that everyone is different and what works for some, won’t work for others. We have a collection of designs but also create many bespoke pieces of stationery for people who are looking for something totally unique.


Now, we’ve already heard some tear-jerking Valentines stories from many happy couples looking to celebrate this year. We won’t share their private moments, but we will tell you some of our favourite love stories that we have witnessed from nothing more than being a passer by at the right place at the right time:

1. At Glastonbury Festival last summer we witnessed not 1 but 2 proposals - 1 of which involved a plane with a banner message flying across the Pyramid stage and the other which involved watching the sunset from the iconic Glastonbury sign.

2. Then, at a small gig in Bristol we saw the magical moment where the artist stopped the set to make a fan’s night when her boyfriend became her fiancé and soon to be hubby.

3. We also saw a beautifully intimate moment of a couple taking a walk down a secluded beach in Dorset, when one of them got down on one knee before embracing with the biggest hug.

And we’re pleased to say that all of them said yes!


This year, February will be even more of a LoveFest, and that’s down to the ‘leap year proposals’ which we expect to see later this week. If you’re not sure what we’re on about then this is the tradition, which apparently stems back to the 5th Century, that women can ask the man to marry them on 29th February. Yes, this tradition is pretty sexist and women shouldn’t have to wait 4 years to be able to pop the question, but each to their own.

If you are one of the lovebirds that said yes this Valentines day then huge congratulations!

If you are planning to propose this saturday, then good luck!

We’d love to here your love stories and to help you make your engagement and weddings so special. Please drop us an email to get in touch:

Lots of love

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