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The perfect wedding colour scheme

Being in this industry we see a lot of couples choosing different colour schemes and palettes to make up their dream wedding day. Some of which come and go in trends but there are many colour combos that will never get old.

Here are 10 of our favourite wedding colour schemes:


1. Blush & Ivory

Pale pink and ivory are the most traditional wedding colours and the scheme is often pulled together by a beautifully structured bouquet of pristine roses. 

We would often describe this as a fairytale style wedding as it’s the type of colours you see in the movies. It works perfectly for a spring or summer wedding in a grand stately home or castle type venue. 

2. Rose Gold & Rose

Rose gold is definitely in the limelight at the moment, everywhere we look there is rose gold - whether that be in jewellery stores, make up, home ware, stationery or weddings. In recent years we have seen the traditionalist scheme evolve and add touches of Rose Gold and Rose to give that touch of glamor and chic! Rose gold and Rose screams romance and is a very versatile theme... There is no wonder that this seams to be so popular at the moment.

3. Blush & Navy Blue

This is another classic which will stand the test of time. The perfect amount of masculine and feminine, the delicate pink hues against the elegant and rich navy blue creates a beautiful contrast. You can’t go wrong with this colour scheme, regardless of venue or season.

4. Navy Blue & Gold

Navy Blue and Gold is a colour combination that is (in our opinion) under estimated. When executed well, the glamorous and spectacular gold coupled with the rich navy makes the most elegant and striking colour combo. Gold looks incredible against the deep colour and suits most venues, especially those that also give off the elegant and glamor vibes.

5. Gold, Soft Grey & White

There is many ways that this one can be executed but our favourite is when there is a soft grey and white combination with a small touch or accent colour of gold. Many people are scared to pair gold and grey as it’s always been a ‘No No’ to have silver and gold together. However, this just isn’t the case any more. The delicate grey and the bright gold work wonders together and suit  weddings all year round that want a subtle theme with a bit of oomph.

6. Smoke Grey & Sage Green

This original palette suits an Autumn or Winter wedding perfectly and brings that something different to the table. The addition of the sage green gives couples the chance to intertwine their theme with nature and works beautifully when the venues are filled with gorgeous flowers and foliage. Sage Green is ideal for couples who are having a country wedding.

7. Natural Kraft & Forest Green

Following on down the nature route, we have the Natural Kraft and Forest Green colour scheme. By adding Natural Kraft or natural wood colours to your day you instantly get that fun bohemian and rustic feel. This truly is nature’s favourite and looks so perfectly placed with an outdoor or barn wedding. We’ve seen this colour scheme become more and more popular as ethereal weddings become more desired. These type of weddings are often filled with cute wild flowers and gypsophila bouquets tied with twine - what’s not to love!

8. Claret Red, Gold & Blush

When we say Claret red we think of red wine (yes we are writing this in the morning, and no we’re not alcoholics) and royalty. Red and gold may sound like a garish scheme but when the red is a deep claret and paired with a beautiful delicate blush, the combination is something special. The dark and rich colours look stunning with floral patterns and are so elegant when finished with a touch of gold. This colour scheme work well for most venues and we would recommend a autumn or winter wedding. 

9. Black & White

This simple and classy colour scheme is not one that we see often for weddings but when we do it’s faultless. This is personally one of our favourites as it is different to many weddings and when done well it is so stylish and sophisticated. Whether it’s black with white or white with black, this looks incredible. This theme works best with winter weddings or black tie/ formal weddings.

10. All White

Ok, this one isn’t technically a ‘colour’ scheme. However, how could we leave this off? It is remarkable. When couples have a white wedding with white flowers, white decor and white table arrangements it has such a beautiful crisp and clean look which is so pleasing to the eye. The simple colour scheme makes all the attention on the finer details (which we LOVE) and suits majority of seasons, but especially abroad weddings.


So that’s it. Obviously there are LOADS of other combinations out there but these are just some of our favourites. 

The colour palette that you choose can have a huge impact on your big day. It can give your wedding a theme, set the tone for the day and give it energy.

Our advice would be to select wedding colours that suit you, the venue and the seasons. It doesn’t matter if the colours aren’t original - after all, there may be a reason it hasn’t been done before!

If you are struggling to pick a theme or are just so indecisive, we’d be happy to help you decide. Contact us on or visit Our Collection for some inspiration.

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