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Table plans, table plans, table plans

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

How can one piece of paper (or luxury cardstock in our case) cause so much stress and anxiety for couples looking to tie the knot?!

The whole rigmarole around where do you put your long lost aunt that doesn’t speak much English? Will your colleagues be offended if they’re on the table by the door? Or, who should you sit next to your school friend who gets a bit too loud (and slightly annoying) after a few glasses of wine?

Table plans are often the element of the wedding planning process which takes the longest to decide, but once you and your other half have finalised it, it becomes a special focal point in your big day.

We believe that table plans encompass all of your loved ones, they proudly hang the names of friends and family who mean so much to you. And as guests flock to table plan to eagerly look for their name on the list, whether their nicknames or full names are there (in what feels like flashing lights), they create an atmosphere of joy and excitement before they take their seats for the next important part of the celebrations.

A table plan can be the perfect keep sake. A way to remember all the lovely people in your life and a way to appreciate the amount of love that surrounds you.


Our table plans underpin all of this. They are all handmade with love from our studio in Dorset where we imagine the laughter, happy tears and great food that is consumed at the tables. We ensure that each and every one of your guests are included, in the order that you choose and exactly how you want them shown.

Whether you are looking for a simple and subtle table plan from our Sweetheart collection, a stunning and modern table plan from our Gilded Edge collection, or something more rustic or bohemian from the Eucalyptus collection then take a look at our ‘on-the-day’ range here:

Alternatively if you are after something bespoke then please get in touch directly

- We can even do hand calligraphy on chalkboards!

One last thing...

If you are currently trying to decide on your table plan, here are our top tips for making your table planning easier: 

Top Tips:

One. Don’t leave it until you’ve got all your RSVPS back, you don’t want to put even more pressure on yourself by adding a tight deadline to it!

Two. Think about who needs access... do you have pregnant guests or people with children who may needs to make a last minute dash to the toilet?

Three. Buy some of those small sticky notes that are used to tab pages or documents and write each guest out. Stick them on your drawn table plan and keep moving them around until you’re happy (or they’ve lost stick and you have to write a new one).

Good luck

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